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Clinical Supervision

I have training in clinical supervision and have offered supervision for over 20 years. I aim to facilitate your professional development, enhance your clinical skills, expand your knowledge, and promote self-awareness and self-reflection. I offer a space for you to reflect on your clinical practice, explore challenging cases, foster a deeper understanding of therapeutic techniques and interventions, and receive feedback and support. Supervision provides a platform for you to address personal and professional challenges, manage difficult cases, and develop effective strategies. I provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment where you can openly discuss your experiences, concerns, and uncertainties. By understanding yourself and your practice, you provide a deeper level of therapy to your clients.

I am committed to your well-being, and I strongly believe that clinical supervision is an effective way to prevent burnout. This involves offering emotional support, encouraging self-care, and helping to manage the demands and pressures of your job. Additionally, I firmly advocate for maintaining professional standards and adhering to ethical practices as a crucial aspect of self-care. By following professional codes of conduct, legal and regulatory requirements, and ethical guidelines, we can ensure that we practice in a safe and responsible manner, keeping our clients and ourselves protected.

Clinical supervision, counselling supervision, supervision
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